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Helios Web Solutions for Small Businesses

An all-round, personal service

We provide a service which can extend from basic business and marketing advice, through promotional graphic design, to web design and printing services. Helios can be your single solution to a range of related business problems, thus ensuring that all your marketing material is integrated, consistent, and of high standard.

We specialise in helping new start-up businesses, offering a friendly personal service and free initial advice and consultation.


Helios specialises in providing carefully designed and well presented web solutions for small businesses. Our emphasis is always on close and friendly liason with our customers to evolve an excellent working relationship with a very focussed approach to individual needs and a quality-conscious overall attitude.

Established for more than 18 years, Helios has developed a reputation for uncompromising quality of work and attention to customer satisfaction. We like to rely on personal recommendation rather than advertising, and we would be very confident that any enquiry made of any Helios customer would elicit a positive testimony concerning the excellence of our service.


We work closely with our clients to create an individual look and feel for every website, and all our sites are hand coded to a high standard. We work with you to determine what individual factors are most important for you, and we like to work towards innovative and original website designs.

Our policy at Helios is to work with a customer to create a totally new design and presentation based upon consultation and mutual creative ideas. We do not simply serve up a standard and inflexible package, slightly modified for each customer, but we like to innovate and come up with new technical and graphical solutions for each client.

If you have an individual personal vision we are very happy to help you realise your dream website.

Bespoke Design

We create all graphics and carry out all programming "in house", so we are able to offer unique individual styles and powerful specialised programming techniques. Many commercial website developers use standardised pre-programmed packages, often designed for ease of generalised useability rather than specific excellence in any area. Because we carry out all work personally, with our own custom-programmed software, we are able to generate high performance specialised technical solutions for each of our clients.

We are pleased to work on active "programmed" websites which can function more in the manner of application software than the simple presentation of information typical of the traditional website. Active websites can collect, store, and process information from your customers, and can act on your behalf sending information to your customers and presenting you with up to date site feedback.

Your website can provide market research facilities, stock control, automatic targetted promotions, and much more, all individually tailored to your specific requirements.

Budget? It need not be expensive!

If you are on a tight budget we can still provide excellence within that budget by reducing complexity and concentrating on presentation and performance within a range of standard packages hand coded by the Helios programming team. Because our packages are programmed in house we can modify them specifically to your requirements whilst retaining the economic advantage of a standard basic format.

It may be that an existing Helios site design package provides just what you need, and by small personal touches can be made individual and appropriate for your business without the necessity for a complex and unique design process. In this circumstance we may be able to provide you with a high quality solution at a very keen price.

Why not ask us what we can do for your business, specifying what are your budget limitations - we are happy to attempt to meet your requirements, and if it is impossible to come up with a satisfactory solution within your budget, we will tell you so. We do not charge anything at all for initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

E-Commerce and the small business

Small businesses frequently need to enter the e-commerce market with care, often on a limited budget with small profit margins and, often with a limited product range at the outset. We can help you to be competitive by giving your website all the power of a full e-commerce facility and shopping cart, but on a budget suited to your stage of development.

No small business need fear that entering the e-commerce market is just too big a step - with Helios you can start small but be very effective from the outset. It is important to have a web solution which is flexible, allowing you to start from a simple, but sound, foundation, and to change and grow as your business evolves.

We are happy to offer you an e-commerce website package with built-in expandability, and a promise that we will help you to evolve and change your site presentation as required.

Talk to us about your requirements - we are sure that we can provide you with the perfect flexible e-commerce solution for your business.

Site Content Management System (CMS)

We provide an excellent and very easy to use content management system, to allow our clients to perform their own site updates, but we also offer an unlimited update help service whereby we assist in cases where a client may require advice.

Our content management system has been evolved over a period of time in response to customer feedback, and can be flexibly tailored by us to fit exactly your requirements. At one extreme this means that if you are somewhat skilled in HTML programming you can actually produce some of your site pages using your own programmed code, slotted into the framework of the Helios website. At the other extreme we can give you a simple interface whereby you can upload pictures and type in information using an extremely simple to use on-screen presentation.

We can also supply multi-level access systems so that you can allocate varying levels of administration privilege to different staff members, allowing web site material to be changed or restricted according to your required internal policy.

Ongoing Site Management

When a Helios Website goes live, we continue to work with our clients to optimise site performance and continually update and refresh the site style and content. We establish an ongoing partnership with our clients for the life of their websites, and we advocate regular consultation and innovation within the general established framework of the site.

It may not be immediately obvious that a website needs to evolve, to move forward according to the changes in market conditions and current fashionable marketing styles. As time goes on it is important to monitor the performance of a website and to work towards improving site traffic and commercial success - not always the same thing.

We have found that a close liason between site developer and site owner is crucial to the creation of a successful website. Although the site owner may have a sophisticated content management system allowing them to change site content personally, there is frequently the need for consultation and help from the site developer. Helios helps you manage your website by always being available, working alongside you to implement new ideas.

Search Engine Optimisation

Owning a website and seeing it go live on the internet is only the start of a successful internet campaign. Any web site needs careful promotion, and placement on the major search engines is an increasingly difficult but important factor in website performance and success. We work with our clients to optimise this aspect of website presentation and promotion, to ensure maximum commercial projection of the site.

Most people perceive search engines as being a vital factor in web business promotion: indeed many people base the entirety of their internet experience on the use of a single search engine. It is evident that search engines are very important, but the sheer volume of websites currently flooding the internet marketplace has meant that good search engine placement is harder and harder to achieve.

We do not delude our clients by claiming that we can always get their website into a search engine "top ten place", but we do keep pace with the changes in search engine requirements, and make every effort to optimise the chances of gaining precedence in search engine listings.

Graphic Design

We carry out all graphic design "in house" and we are happy to extend this service beyond the website itself to provide all your advertising and business stationery, as well as promotional items. We can tidy up and rework existing designs, or if you do not already have a business logo and imagery we can help you establish new and original promotional graphics.

As well as evolving a successful graphical presentation for your business, we help our clients to run a successful website by giving them aid with the preparation of graphical imagery derived from digital photographs. Converting digital photographs into compact web graphics is not a familiar process for many people, so we provide free high quality graphics software and essential instructions to allow you to create your own web-ready images.

For those who do not wish to get involved in any computer graphics work, but still like to manage their own website content, we are quite happy to provide graphic designs and process digital images which we supply to the site owner for use as and when required. This service comes as part of our standard managed web site package.

Printing Services

We not only design your graphics, but we can also provide you with a high quality printing service for business cards, brochures, posters, advertising flyers, etc. Reduce your costs by integrating all your design work and printing: we can help by producing very small print runs of individual items whenever you require them.

Helios can provide very high quality light-fast graphical prints on a wide variety of media. We can print posters and banners for point-of-sale presentations, as well as stickers, brochures, advertising flyers and other standard printed material.

We also offer a wire binding service, so we can produce booklets up to A4 size and promotional calendars with very high quality graphics on high-visual-impact photographic media. These are ideal for promoting your business very selectively to important prospective clients.

Using digital processes means that we can work with small print runs, which is useful for small businesses who often find that minimum print runs are too large with consequent wasteage.

Promotional Items

Helios has facilities for printing high definition photographic quality graphics onto a variety of "gift" promotional items including ceramics and textiles. We can produce very small print runs "in house" so that you need not order excessive quantities and thus can try out different promotional ideas.

We can produce mugs, mousemats, tee-shirts, coasters and many other very unusual and attractive promotional items, printed in full colour by a dye sublimation process. These are visually striking high definition prints, thus ensuring the presentation of a quality image for your business.

Some of these promotional items are quite special and very attractive, but not the kind of item which you would wish to order in large quantities. We can provide you with small quantity print runs at very reasonable prices - we can even print one-off special items for very special individual promotions, so even a small business can make a big impact on just a few select potential customers.

Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Registering a good and effective domain name is the first step towards a successful website. Helios can help you select a good domain name and will then register this name on your behalf. We offer a range of web hosting services to suit particular budgets and technical requirements. We base our code on PHP/MySQL solutions situated on cost effective, reliable and secure servers. We can easily arrange domain name transfers if you have previously had a website elsewhere, and we offer an excellent pricing structure for all domain registration and hosting facilities.




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